Conducting Employee Performance Reviews

There is more emphasis being placed today on government performance then ever before.  In order to gauge performance it is necessary for the public manager, whether it is the Administrator, Public Works Superintendent, Finance Department Head or Municipal Clerk to conduct evaluations of the employees they supervise.  Many mangers find performance evaluations, appraisals, or reviews to be painful and difficult and will do anything to avoid them.  This avoidance not only does a disservice to the employee and the municipality, but to the manager by limiting his or her own potential to lead.  Conducting personnel performance evaluations can be a difficult and unsettling process.  But it doesn't have to be that way!  This course outlines the concepts necessary to conduct successful employee performance evaluations.  The course reviews why performance evaluations are necessary, obstacles to successful evaluations and the steps to developing a performance evaluation program.

This course will be available between Monday,  September 29th and Saturday, September 12th. Enrollment is limited to 25 participants.

  • Municipal & County Finance Officers - 2 Contact Hours in Office Management and Ancillary Subjects
  • Tax Collectors - 2 Contact Hours in General/Secondary
  • Public Works Managers - 2 Contact Hours in Management
  • Municipal Clerks - 2 Contact Hours in Professional Development

Click on the course title above to enroll. The cost of this courses $40.00.

This course starts on Monday, September 29th and will run until October 12th. 

Building the Ethical GovernmentBuilding the Ethical Government. This course will explore the concepts and roots of ethics and morals and expose the participant to the plain speaking definition of ethics. Ethics in a government context will be examined including motivators for unethical behavior, identification of the three types of ethical practitioners, common terms and definitions in ethics and the principals for building and ethical organizational. The Local Government Ethics Law will be reviewed and examined. The purpose of this course is to provide the participant with the basic concepts behind the governmental ethics and the particulars of the Local Government Ethics Law in New Jersey. Students who participate in this course will be able to guide their municipalities toward ethical practices and procedures.   Enrollment is limited to 25 participants.

  • Municipal & County Finance Officers - 3 Contact Hours in Ethics
  • Tax Collectors - 3 Contact Hours in Ethics
  • Public Works Managers - 3 Contact Hours in Ethics
  • Municipal Clerks - 3 Contact Hours in Ethics

Click on the course title above to enroll.  The cost of this courses $50.00. 

Course starts on Monday, September 22nd and will end on Sunday, October 5th.  

OPRA RefresherThis course will provide the participant with an overview of he Open Public Records Act. The course lecture will focus on some key phrases in OPRA and application of the Act, e-mail, medium conversion, redaction issues and methods. The lectures have been prepared in such a manner so that Public Works Managers, Tax Collectors, Finance Officers and other local government officials can become more familiar with the Act and its requirements.  Enrollment is limited to 25 participants.

Continuing Education Contact Hours have been approved for in the following areas:

  • Finance Officers - Office Management and Ancillary Subjects: 2 Contact Hours
  • Tax Collector - General/Secondary: 2 Contact Hours
  • Public Works Manager - Government: 2 Contact Hours
  • Municipal Clerk- Records: 2 Contact Hours
Click on the course title above to enroll.  The cost of this course is $40.00.  
This course will start Monday, September 8th and will end on Sunday, September 21st.  

Elections-Den Things Every Municipal Clerk Should RememberThis course reviews tips and reminders for every municipal clerk on Election Day.   Topics include poll workers, polling locations, challengers, voter residency issues, ballot types, exit polling and the media, disabled voters and electioneering.    The course will include discussion forums with required contributions by participants, resource links and a 12 question quiz.   Source material for preparing this course included:

  • New Jersey Clerks Desk Reference 2013
  • State of New Jersey District Board Member Training Manual, NJ Division of Elections 9/13/11
  • Elections FAQ, State of New Jersey, Department of State

This course has been approved by the DLGS for 2 CEU's in Elections for Registered Municipal Clerks. 

Course starts August 25th and will be available for two weeks!