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Co-Active CoachingHelping a family pursue change requires significant knowledge and skill.  This class provides in-depth discussion of two concepts for case practice: Madsen's concept of Relational of Stance and Co-Active Coaching.

Coaching models have been developed that closely align with Madsen's Relational Stance. One of those is the Co-Active model defined in  "Co-Active Coaching: New Skills for Coaching People Toward Success in Work and Life" authored by Whitworth, Kimsey-House and Sandhal (1998, 2007).

The class is presented in three lessons. Each lesson requires approximately one hour to complete. There are resource links in every lesson. Take a look. They are valuable and, sometimes, entertaining.

To complete the class, learners must meet  the requirements posted in each lesson, pass a ten question quiz with a score of 100%, and complete a course evaluation form. Certificates will be awarded when all course reuirements are met.  

Building the Ethical GovernmentThis course will explore the concepts and roots of ethics and morals and expose the participant to the plain speaking definition of ethics. Ethics in a government context will be examined including motivators for unethical behavior, identification of the three types of ethical practitioners, common terms and definitions in ethics and the principals for building and ethical organizational. The Local Government Ethics Law will be reviewed and examined. The purpose of this course is to provide the participant with the basic concepts behind the governmental ethics and the particulars of the Local Government Ethics Law in New Jersey. Students who participate in this course will be able to guide their municipalities toward ethical practices and procedures.

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